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Thank GOD for those who broke the bonds of voter suppression



FIRST LADY Dr. Jill Biden

former FIRST LADY Michelle Obama

former First LADY and Democratic president candidate Hillary Clinton

former FIRST LADY Laura Bush

Jennifer Lopez

Lady Gaga


Poet Amanda Gorman

On Wednesday January 20, 2021 the entire world witnessed an earthshaking event that has sparked a change in the course of generations to come. This experience has shape every person, but most of all our children what they imagine to be possible for people who look like them, live where

they live, and even come from where they came from. All children throughout the world determine what they can be based on the examples

around them, and they saw the history and promise of a day, on which Kamala Harris became the first lady, the first black person, and the

first South Asian to be election Vice President of the United States of American.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. Now is that time to build a better future for all  Americans we must come together as one people under GOD. 

Poet Amanda Gorman

As poet Amanda Gorman stated "We've seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it,"

"Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It's the past we step into."

How we live our lives and treat each other with respect is the key.

Our cherished values and reputation around the world, are

symbolized in the image of our American heritage the Flag . 

Secretary of the Interior Frank K. Lane

In the words of the late former Secretary of the Interior Frank Knight Lane, “I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself.” Hence, if we don’t respect each other and disregard our democratic principles, other nations

will not respect us.

Regrettably, prejudice has existed since the beginning of humanity and is a learned behavior we internalize from what we’re taught by our parents, those we admire, and our environment. Plus, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all have inner prejudices and things we dislike.

What makes us honorable is looking for the best in everyone and treating every individual with respect,

tolerance, and compassion, instead of searching for their flaws and mistakes they’ve made. 

Acting out our prejudices to disadvantage, degrade, or physically hurt someone is irresponsible and inexcusable conduct. My sincere advice to everyone who feels unjustly treated, angry, and vengeful is to "Be better, not bitter".

There’s no denying we’ve made lots of mistakes since the birth of our republic and still have many imperfections; however, 

America is still the greatest country on this Earth  . 

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