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The TRAVELER State: In the United States, open carry refers to the practice of "openly carrying a firearm in public", as distinguished from concealed carry, where firearms cannot be seen by the casual observer. On the other hand Alabama is a shall issue state for concealed carry. However, the issuing county sheriff can suspend or even revoke concealed carry privileges for wanton disregard of the law. open carry is generally permitted, but handgun must be securely contained in a belt, ankle or shoulder holster.

The TRAVELER States: Under Alabama law, no permit is necessary to posses a firearm, as long the individual is over 18, and suitable having no disqualifying criminal convictions or has been convicted of a felony. A crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year. Pistol permit holders can have concealed weapons anywhere, where guns are permitted.

The TRAVELER States: Once you have obtained your gun permit, conceal your weapon and carry it with you at all times. Guns carried openly threatens the safety of the carrier, if the carrier has entered a place that is about to be robbed or lives threatened, that individual is now a target.

THINK, conceal your weapon not only for your protect, but for other. Like what happened in the GOODWILL store in Tillman's Corner on Monday evening, January 11, 2016 where three victims were stabbed all men and employees of GOODWILL, as customers looked on. Their injuries include wounds to the back, neck and side. The suspect had two knives an a machete. The suspect was overpowered by the three employees and one customer, who restrained him.

The TRAVELER States: Georgia is not a traditional open carry state. However, open carry is legal with a Georgia permit. It is also worthy of note that you may open carry a firearm without a permit in a motor vehicle.


Throughout the United States Alaska and most southeastern states recognize Alabama's concealed-carry gun permits with the exception of the South Carolina.

States that have concealed-carry reciprocity recognize each others permits. Alabama and Mississippi, for example, have concealed-carry reciprocity so residents from the two states with permits can travel across state lines with their concealed pistols legally.

The State of Louisiana recognizes Alabama's concealed carry permits. But anyone carrying a concealed pistol in Louisiana must tell any police officer that approaches them that they are carrying a weapon. The officer is also allowed to give them a pat down, and disarm them.

Alabama law used to honor permits from states that honored Alabama permits. Alabama law now says: "A person licensed to carry a handgun in any state shall be authorized to carry a handgun in this state."

Alabama residents can also bring their concealed pistols into Vermont since the state has no concealed-carry laws. However, Vermont dose not issue concealed-carry permits so Vermont residents could not bring their hidden pistols into Alabama.

The TRAVELER: If you are going to take a road trip across many states, pre-plan your route so you know how to transport your firearms legally. In addition, since laws change frequently, it is best to double-check the current law in the state you will be visiting as to whether or not you may carry your firearm or if you will need to keep it locked up in the hotel safe.

The TRAVELER, reminds you to be prepared to protect yourself. When your life is on the line, it's not the odds that matter, it's the stakes. It's your family, your home. For home invasions occur throughout the US. Now is the time to get Your Permit, Get Armed, Get Trained, Stand Tall and above all pray.

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