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"30 Second Fight" WHY ARE GUNS IN OUR SCHOOLS "Arson 1st." "Cellphone Thefts"

"Loaded Gun" BULLYING


I have dedicated this page to 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick and all the youth who has been bullied, having no support and couldn’t find away out. You are now an adults with children of your own, who are trying to fit in with tattoos, body piecing and sagging, I’ve known some to try running away from home or hiding out not attending school hoping the problems would simply just go away. When these methods don’t work the victim will usually take matters into their own hands with some form horrific suicide or retaliate against the bully with some sort of weapon, usually a firearm.


Causey Middle School has educated a great number of student who has excelled. But We having a problem in precinct 65 and we must get it under control, we can not ignore this problem any longer by sweeping it under the rug. Causey Middle School has had more than one incident such as "Student's with Loaded Gun's," "Arson 1st. Degree," "Cell Phone Thefts" and the "30 Second Fight" to name only four out of many, all on campus, during school hours.


On Tuesday morning April 21, 2015 around 10 a.m. Mobile Police responded to a report of an armed person on campus at Causey Middle School. Mobile Police confirm a student had a gun on campus. Officers on the scene detained the student and found the loaded gun in the student's backpack. Officers transported the student to Strickland Youth Center. According to Police the student showed the gun to a classmate early Tuesday morning, the gun was never taken out or used to threaten anyone at the school, and the classmate alerted staff members. According to the Mobile County Public Schools 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct, anyone who possesses a gun at school faces a mandatory expulsion for at least one year. This could have turned out totaled different. Thank GOD it did not.


We as parents, we must protect them, that they may have a healthy and sound environment to thrive in as children. We must always be aware, looking for the signs if there is a problem, to be open where they will feel comfortable in sharing their problems and innermost feelings with you, and if not you, to who will they turn to, an trust?

THREE SIMPLE RULES THAT WORK: Look, Listen and Believe...

  • Look for the signs that there is a problem.
  • With our busy schedules, take the time one-on-one to listen to what your son or daughter has to say for a change, without you giving advice.
  • Always believe in your children, that they will do what you ask of them, and will do what is right.


In precinct 65 we having three school Bernice J. Causey Middle, Dawes Intermediate and Hutchens Elementary Schools. It's the job of the Mobile County School System to educate our youth, preparing them intellectually to compete in an international world. I’m willing to speak at all three local at least three time a year in school assemblies. To inform students bulling is a very serious crime which can lead to suspensions and/or expulsions, to jail time for criminal misdemeanors and felonies. Also attending PTO meetings to inform parents to look for the signs of cyber bullying, an if their child is bulling he or she will be placed in custody by local authority’s on criminal charges. Some individuals or parents think this is a joke and encourage such behavior, thinking this will give them or their children self-esteem by intimidating, slandering, damaging and injuring a person's character an reputation in hopes that others won’t find them so appealing. Bulling, can lead to other social problems later in life, like gang related criminal activity, sexual abuse, domestic violence and death. It is our job as parents to be there to protect them not only physically but mentally, given them simple words of wisdom on how to deal with life as a child.

USA TODAY NEWS reported On October 16, 2013 Florida officials have charged two girls, ages 12 and 14 with felonies for allegedly taunting and bullying another 12 year old girl until she committed suicide. Polk Count Sheriff Grady Judd said Tuesday that he made the arrests on Monday after one of the girls posted on Facebook as recently as Saturday that she bullied the victim, Rebecca Sedwick of Lakeland, FL, and didn’t care that she had died


Family photo via WTSP - TV, Tampa - St. Petersburg, FL Rebecca Sedwick, 12, jumped to her death from an abandoned cement factor after months of bullying. Two girls were arrested October 15, 2013 and charged with aggravated felony stalking.


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