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Alabama State Bill HB 396 outlines removing the required excuses for voting absentee. Passing HB 396 means that you'll no longer have to provide an excuse to vote absentee and you'll have the freedom to vote from your own home. Safeguards to the vote remain in place; as before, you'll still need to provide a copy of your ID and witness signatures before returning your ballot.⁠

Passing HB 396 will ensure no matter the situation, Alabama citizens will be able to vote safely and securely. No-excuse absentee voting increases access to the ballot for all Alabamians, and could also increase voter turnout by making voting more convenient, while maintaining transparency and security. ⁠

Let's make no-excuse absentee voting possible for all Alabamians.⁠

We ask you to contact Representative Chris Pringle at

334-261-0489 and Representative Matt Simpson at ⁠

334-261-0424 and urge them to vote the bill out of committee.

Representative Adline Clarke: 334-261-0549

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