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Choices, Actions, Relationships, and Emotions

Crime is systemic, institutional and culturally influenced. To address the social and capitalistic aspects in each neighborhood. I plan to meet and work with community leaders, in order to develop and implement strategic objectives to stabilize neighborhoods in an effective way, of reducing crime and increase growth throughout our district. We must first have the courage to confront our problems, and the best way is respectable engagement. Which increases the visibility and understanding of issues, that empowers citizens to make sound decisions that will affect their lives, their homes, and their city.

After building a deeper, stronger and more trusting empathetic relationship between the existing neighborhoods and the Mobile Police Department. To advocate for more police-community combine programs focused on stronger relationships. To establish a true sense of trust, to form an effective dialogue of communication and expectation between the two. Simply. What are the police asking for? and, What are our constituents asking for? Where can we meet in the middle? Relationships do matter, and communication is one of the most important skills in any relationship. We need to focus more on changing the conditions that draw people into these areas and acts of criminal behavior.

Returning to take aggressive actions to address neglected and abandoned properties, will physically, socially, and revitalize our disenfranchised neighborhoods. With constant patrolling officers, as skilled observers to deter and reducing crime is simultaneously building a relationship on respect for each other. Respect is the key. Another key appears to be community respected engagement, along with community respected policing to reducing crime. It is a necessity to building an empathetic relationship on trust, this implements a multi-faceted approach that includes more officers on the streets for greater success to increase their presence as friend not foe, can bring several benefits to a neighborhood.

Eagerly addressing the underlying issues to improve and expand the existing infrastructure with streetlights, sidewalks, crosswalks, and biking trails, in all areas of the district. This can have a dramatic effect on the way we live our daily lives. Statistically, every officer lives in our neighborhoods and is an integral part of our community. This will take a holistic approach by respecting the entire community as a whole. This is not just a police matter for law enforcement to resolve. But the community as stakeholders plays a crucial part as well. A leader who listens attentively, with the mindset to bring the people together to work together. To ensure we have a City Council that proactively engages its citizens to give them a voice. A voice to be heard from every language to come to a consensus, to make a positive impact on the entire City of Mobile.

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