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This is not a laughing matter. When you are out shopping the store and it's employee's are not babysitter's. It's your

job to keep an eye on your children at all times. Below is a list of store's from recent attempts.


A police officer was shopping in WALMART, as he was walking between the grocery isle's and the meat bunkers he saw a very young boy sitting on the floor with a long box, he saw a older young boy running looking back at boy with the box, he was carrying the items in hand it took about 30 minutes he noticed a lady with a burka on talking on a cell phone an didn't think much of it.

As he was walking to the front of the store he saw the little boy was sill there with the scooter, he noticed he appeared to be eastern authenticity as he continued to the front of the store he saw a young girl peeping from behind a display of food. he approached her and stated is that you brother she stated yes we are watching him, by this time her brother came up, he was the same boy running looking back at the boy with the box, they all had the same eastern authenticity. He stated he is a police officer and it is not safe for him to be along, that he was going get him and bring him them. as he approached the boy he spoke to him in Spanish and the boy stated I don't speak that I speak Arabic, so the officer spoke in Arabic as they walking to his sister and brother he told the boy he is a police officer as the held-hands approaching his sister an brother.

All of a sudden a white male about 6' 6" 306 lbs. begin to scream out "you are not no police where is your badge you can't touch a child you going to jail trying to abduct him, he's going to take him out of the store" the officer stated Sir you need to calm down I'am an office. "No you are not" by this time the lady with the burka on walked up still on the cell phone asking what is going on, as her daughter and son tried to explain the man continued to scream accusing the officer before everyone he is going to take your son out of the store, as he was screaming he approaching a lady working in produce telling her that this man is pretending to be a police officer trying to take this lady's son.

She walked over and as the officer was explaining to her management know him, she cut him off and stated I don't know you I'm going to go get a manager she did and so did the officer, as the officer and the manager approached the self-check-out area the man was standing there the officer stated I'am a police officer and the manager's of this store know me, I'am about to call an officer to do an investigation why you are screaming and being disorderly. He turned and rushing out the store and a little boy came out of no where about the same age as the other little boy, walking out with him.

The officer and the manager walked over to the lady in produce who didn't believe him the manager she asked to come to the area calling the officer by name that he is an officer and he is OK, that this is just a miss understanding. 7 month later the 6' 6" tall man has not been seen in that store. Alabama March, 2016


Man Kidnaps Child In Walmart - Shot Dead By Police Midwest City, Oklahoma: Midwest City Police have released surveillance video from a Walmart of a man who took a 2-year-old girl from a mother's shopping cart, and held a knife to the child's throat. Police Chief Brandon Clabes held a news conference Friday morning to reveal new details about the June 17 officer-involved shooting. Capt. David Huff shot and killed 37-year-old Sammie Lamont Wallace after he threatened the little girl. Please visit us at for training opportunities and like us on Facebook SRTMobile


Surveillance video captured a dramatic scene inside a Florida Dollar General Store where a man allegedly attempted to kidnap a 13-year-old girl, according to police.suspect Craig Bonello entered the store Tuesday and grabbed the teen, who was shopping with her mother, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office said.30, can be seen on a surveillance video pulling the girl by her arms and dragging her to the front door, police said of the midday incident, which happened about 80 miles west of Orlando. Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said Bonello was "intentionally shopping around the girl and seen stretching on the video."

"He searched out his victim. He went after that child," Dawsy said today at a press conference. But the teen's mother jumped into action, grabbing her daughter's arm while fighting off Bonello. "He got his butt kicked by the mom. That was the great thing about that video," Dawsy said. Behnen grabbed his gun and ordered Bonello out of his car, arrested him and took him into custody. Bonello has not yet entered a plea. "In my 10 years on the road, I have never seen anything like this," Citrus County Sheriff's Sgt. Craig Callahan said. "He truly intended to abduct this child right in front of everyone in the store." The mother and teen were upset but uninjured, police said Investigators are working to learn Bonello's intentions.

"Thank goodness, the girl's mother jumped into action to prevent this man from kidnapping her daughter,” said Citrus County Sheriff's Capt. Ricky Grant. “And thank goodness, Deputy Behnen used his training and experience to stop this man from escaping.” Florida June 8, 2016


A man was arrested last Friday after police say he tried to abduct a boy from a grocery store in Braintree. Cameras inside the South Shore India Market captured the moment 47-year-old Stephen O’Brien allegedly grabbed the one-year-old boy and walked out.

Mehtab Ahmed, an employee at the Quincy Avenue store said, “this gentleman walked in, without a shirt, grabbed the kid.” He threw the boy over his shoulder and headed straight to the back, with the boy’s father trailing behind. “God bless the guy. His father was very attentive where his kid was, got him and confronted the suspect,” said Ahmed. When the man started going towards the back of the store, the father confronted him and the suspect handed the boy back. The suspect then headed out the back door, and the father notified an employee. Ahmed said, “the father came up to me about a minute later and told me what happened.” The clerk walked outside and spotted him, before running after him.

“This is where he came out. He had access right to the woods, came through had gone down this small little alley way through here,” said Ahmed. Ahmed said he clung to a tree until police arrived. “When he heard the sirens, he started falling down and then when the first approaching officer came in, he was right here and I think he was arrested right over here,” said Ahmed. After a brief struggle, O’Brien was arrested and charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Police say the parents initially thought the man was just an employee playing with their child. “The kid learned to walk about a week ago. So this was the first time they went out and actually put him down walking in a public area and so it was pretty scary,” said Ahmed. O’Brien was arraigned on Monday and is due back in court next month. The judge held him on a $100,000 cash bail. Massachusetts August 20, 2016

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